Area: 273 km2
Number of population: more than 22 400
Administrative territories: Baloži town, Daugmale parish and Ķekava parish
Largest river: Daugava
Distance: to Riga – 18 km, to Tallinn – 300 km, to Vilnius – 280 km
Arterial roads: two arterial roads of Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) cross in the county



Ķekava County local government
Gaismas Str.19, k. 9
Ķekava, Ķekava parish,
Ķekava County, LV 2123

Tel. +371 67935803
e-mail: novads@kekava.lv
For international cooperation please contact us via e-mail: inga.bilko@kekava.lv







To take care that open and sustainable society lives in the county, we have to take care on its welfare in most different ways, name, we have to provide good infrastructure, arranged streets and roads and precisely planned and reconsidered environment. Offer qualitative services, demonstrate open and fair decision-making process of the local government is of the same importance.

However the society is neither building, nor roads or any processes. Society – these are people who live and work in the county. And the welfare of the society is impossible without the wish to live better, without visions, knowledge and human skills.

We live in a changing world. No one knows what the future will be like and what is will offer. This is exactly why all good works we can do today are important.

Perhaps, being aware of yourself as part of the county is important more than ever. We believe that openness increases the force that an idea appears to verify them in praxis, and also a failure may be a possibility – a possibility to gown and learn. We know that these can be several answers to one question and the people are entitled to receive the best what is possible within the framework of the existing system.












Ķekava County local government works for the welfare of the inhabitants and diverse development of the county to make it more available to everyone.

We strive to live and manage in a responsible way. This is a great challenge not only on regional or national scale but also globally, and this depends on everyone – on the society

jointly, on the choice of each of us and on the local government. This means the change of thinking and values, striving to an environmentally friendly life-style.

Our choice and priority are we ourselves, inhabitants of Ķekava County – knowing, creative, integrated society that is tended to growth and economical development.





Administrative Centre of Ķekava County is located in Ķekava with authorities in Baloži town and Daugmale parish.

Decision-making authority – Ķekava County Council





EDUCATION – our main priority

In Ķekava County, the demographical curve goes upwards and more and more new families choose our county as their home so the main priority of the local government is arranged education that is available for everyone.

Children and youth in Ķekava County receive qualitative education and the possibility to attend different lessons of interest education, children return with wards from local and international Olympiads, competitions and contests. The most distinguished high-schoolers receive scholarships.

Ķekava County has five comprehensive educational institutions, four local government and several private preschool educational institutions, three educational institutions with professional direction – art, music and sports school. Here the future scientists, business persons, artists, craftsmen, researchers and sportsmen and – who knows – perhaps even the State president grow!







The treasures of Ķekava County are the forests that occupy half of the territory and function the function of green “lungs” for the capital of Latvia - Riga. Fresh air, biological diversity and beautiful landscape.


Environmentally friendly and lasting environment Management:


Lasting habitant environment – green home.


Knowing, green, for environment and resources responsible inhabitants.






The county facilitates advantageous conditions for responsible entrepreneurs so they can develop and work. Base of our welfare is resources that we are able to use wisely and successfully.


Competitive conditions for development and work.


The county is located near the capital and this gives many advantages for development of entrepreneurship. Ķekava County is crossed by important road transport arterial roads that facilitates successful development of production and logistics companies, sale and different service providers.


Entrepreneurship in Ķekava County is based on potentials of geographical and transport infrastructure location creating high added value, recognizable and competitive products.


Economical development of the county is formed by balanced development of logistics, agricultural, production and tourism services areas.






We care of the opinion of local youth, their creative ideas and future vision of development of our county.

Youth Initiative Centre works in Ķekava County. There youth can implement their ideas and they are supported from the birth till their implementation. Youth has the possibility to participate in different exchange programs and educative seminars abroad.

Here, concerts, stage performances, exhibitions, educative meetings and discussions with politicians, businessmen and experts of other fields are arranged.

Youth Council work in Ķekava County where the interests of youth are defended, different projects are prepared and work of volunteers is activated.

Youth Initiative Centre – this is a place where all young persons may find something interesting and exciting and be useful for his/her county.





The most precious value of our county is the inhabitants. We try to take care of everyone – young or old, successful or got in a difficult stage of life.

Social guarantees and security of the society are the areas that must be still improved so that every inhabitant of the county could feel safe for himself/herself, his/her relatives and for the future.

Experts of our social service, social care centre, orphan’s court and day centres are convinced that there are no problems that cannot be solved, only the right solution has to be found. “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth”, has said the ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer Archimedes.

Who has told that old age has to be spent in a boring way? Our senior show that the base of good health and joyful life is the possibility to be together with persons who hold the same views, be on the go, be part of the society that isn’t napping, but co-working.

In the name of the future emphasis is put on prevention and education of the society.

Safety of inhabitants both in their homes and on the street, in the perk or open air event is an essential precondition for each of us to feel safe in Ķekava County. Employees of regional municipal police are convinced that only through cooperation we can achieve the best results.






Each inhabitant can find in Ķekeva County sports activities for his/her needs, possibilities and fitness – here you can train professionally or simply support an active and healthy lifestyle.

The possibility for children, youth and adults to develop their abilities is provided by Sports Agency and Sports School.

The most favourite sports in Ķekava County are football, floor ball, basketball, freestyle wrestling and calisthenics. Sportsmen participate with high results in local and international competitions representing the team of Latvia even in the Olympic Games.

Sports infrastructure is available for everyone and it is extended and improved every year – new sports grounds, pools and bikeways are created.

Faster! Higher! Stronger! Sharper! Cleverer! More courageous!






Cultural life in Ķekava County is diverse and rich with traditions.

Each territory of the county has found a characteristic feature: Daugmale is proud of open-air events, Ķekava – with magnificent and attractive amateur collectives, Baloži town – with their stable values.

Library of the county offers the latest services and allows students and pupils use all required materials and technologies in the study process.

Ķekava County has its national costume and anthem that forms, develops and strengthens the identity of Ķekava County and facilitates patriotism of inhabitants and belonging to the county.





Relax. Experience. Enjoy.

Ķekava County offers different active and rural tourism possibilities for everyone – inhabitant of the county and the guests.

Ķekava County is a great place where possibilities of active recreation and calm walks and observation of beautiful landscapes, leisurely moment in a pub or guesthouses coexist harmonically.

Heritage pearls of Ķekava County







Space available for the life of each person and family, development, growth, work and leisure, that is competitive, harmonic, people- and environmentally friendly with active communes, integrated society, democratic, open self-government, cultivated values heritage values.